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Light collar LUNA made of thin Paracord lines. Green, non-adjustable, with a circumference of 43 cm and a width of 2 cm. Perfect for medium breeds.


Equipped with metal silver buckle. 

Collar LUNA Mini SS

  • The name is an abbreviation of the words 'parachute' and 'cord', meaning parachute and rope. So it is a parachute cord made of nylon, in accordance with the MIL-C-5040 specification, tested for a static load of up to 250 kg.  

    Due to the fact that it does not change its properties under the influence of water, dries quickly, does not stretch, does not soften, Paracord has many uses. Apart from the original ie  connecting the parachute canopy with the jumper's harness, this line can be used to produce harnesses, leashes or collars, as in our case. Currently, PARACORD offers several thicknesses and a huge color palette of the product. The original cord is soft, flexible and very pleasant to the touch. Therefore, it can be used to weave accessories for dogs and other animals that need a strong harness.

    Patterns and colors are limited only by the imagination and skills of the creator. The possibilities are huge.

    Our collars and leashes are made only from original PARACORD cords.

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