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The ALICE half-choke collar is a product that was created with a two-color set in mind - it fits perfectly into the set.ALICE leash!


The ALICE set is an ideal option for everyone who wants a slight change to the standard leash and half-choke collar.



Both the collar and the leash are made of two different colors, the main one (the longer part of the leash and collar) and the additional one (the handle, the part next to the carabiner and the half-clamp strap), which you can choose yourself! If you are not sure which color to choose, compare the colors in ourHexa Palette!


Adjustment range

16mm - approx. 20 - 35 cm.

20mm - approx. 30 - 45 cm

25mm - approx. 40 - 55 cm

ALICE collar

  • Waterproof webbing tape made of vinyl chloride, 10 - 25 mm wide.
    It has a hexagonal honeycomb pattern on both sides and is covered with PVC/TPU. HEXA is much more resistant to abrasion than a typical polypropylene webbing belt and is also 100% resistant to water and bacteria. Non-stretchy and very pleasant to the touch. 
    It fits very well in the hand and does not cause abrasions.

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