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We present the rainbow product of MAKA Dogs - charming adjustable collars made of Hexaline tape, 20mm or 25mm wide, with a plastic buckle matched to the color so that it blends beautifully with the tape. The buckle can also be chosen at will - mix colors as you wish! 


The tape is light and easy to maintain, the plastic snap buckle guarantees the convenience of putting on and taking off the collar. The entire collar, thanks to the material and the buckle, is very light, it does not weigh the dog down when worn. The buckle does not heat up or cool down, which guarantees wearing comfort in all conditions!


The collar has rainbow titanium fittings to add charm and wow effect, hence its name - Rainbow. 


The model in the photo (Uaua) is a mix weighing 8.5 kg, height at the withers approx. 40-45 cm and wears a collar with a circumference of 30 cm. 

Hexa Rainbow Collar

Buckle color
  • The collar does not need to be washed or washed in a special way. Just wipe it with a wet cloth or put it under the tap or shower - and voilà!

  • Put a flexible tape measure around the dog's neck, leaving a space of two fingers between the tape and the neck - so that the tape does not stick too much. 

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