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Colorful and flexible lanyards from the Hexaline Waterproof line are a perfect choice for those who want to go crazy with colors while maintaining the comfort and quality of the equipment.


Leashes from the Hexaline line are suitable for everyday city walks as well as for hikes in the forest, mountains or by the sea.


The convex honeycomb pattern on the surface of the material ensures a firm grip on the leash and no slipping. The material does not get wet and is easy to wash. 


You can find more information about the hexaline materialhere. 


We offer several Hexa leash length options, perfect for training orcity walks (1.5m, 2m, 3m) andtraining/walking links (5m, 10m). 


If you need a different, non-standard lanyard length,Write to us!


All lanyards are handmade, so we can certainly fulfill an individual order for you:) 

Hexa Black lanyard

  • Waterproof webbing tape made of vinyl chloride, 10 - 25 mm wide.

    It has a hexagonal honeycomb pattern on both sides and is covered with PVC/TPU. HEXA is much more resistant to abrasion than a typical polypropylene webbing belt and is also 100% resistant to water and bacteria. Non-stretchy and very pleasant to the touch. 

    It fits very well in the hand and does not cause abrasions.

  • Can't decide or don't know what the differences are between individual rifles? Use ourscheat sheets

    To compare tape colors, click herepalette.

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