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Paracord dog leashes

Are you looking for an original leash and collar that will steal many a glance during walks with your pet? Do you want to combine elegance with convenience of use? Don't wait for a special occasion. Make a gift for yourself and your pet now - put on a paracord and shine in the company of dogs!

What is paracord?

Paracord is basically parachute cord. It is very durable, lightweight, does not absorb water, and can be washed in a washing machine if it gets dirty. Accessories for dogs made of this material are hand-woven and delight with the richness of colors and variety of weaves. The paracord dog leash will not cause abrasions on your hands, and the collar will be completely safe and comfortable for every quadruped.

Leash and paracord collar - choose the best duo

Thanks to the specially profiled construction, both in terms of the leash and the collar, you get a guarantee of comfortable use even on a long walk. The paracord collar we offer, together with the leash made of the same material, can be a harmonious duo in terms of color - choose similar shades to get a monochromatic effect. But nothing prevents these elements from having different colors! Mix freely, according to your preferences. One thing is certain: 100% safety guarantee for you and your pet!

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