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A spontaneous series of lanyards made of Hexa tape, 13mm wide, in black. Equipped with trigger carabiners in eye-catching metallic colors to spice up your walks! 


To complete the wow effect, the bow also has rainbow rivets and a ring by the handle. 


The Hexa tape, 13mm wide, is mainly recommended for smaller and medium-sized dogs, but also more phlegmatic among larger breeds :) 

ATARI lanyard

Carabiner color
  • Waterproof webbing tape made of vinyl chloride, 10 - 25 mm wide.

    It has a hexagonal honeycomb pattern on both sides and is PVC/TPU coated. HEXA is much more resistant to abrasion than a typical polypropylene webbing belt and is 100% water and bacteria resistant. Non-stretchable and very pleasant to the touch. 

    It fits very well in the hand, does not cause abrasions.

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