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The leash is made of waterproof Hexaline tape, 3 m long and 16 mm or 20 mm wide.


Equipped with three rings or half-rings for fastening in the following places:


  • at one of the carabiners (to fold the lanyard in half)
  • halfway through the leash
  • about 40 cm from the second carabiner (to create a handle)


A detachable leash is a great option for walks around the city where we need to be able to maneuver the length of the leash. We create removable leashes in lengths of 3 m, so that the dog can walk comfortably at full span, but also after shortening the leash, and has the option of relative distance and controlled exploration. 


Hexa removable leash 16/20mm

  • When is a removable leash useful? This is a good compromise for walks in the city, when we may want to significantly shorten the leash. The detachable option is also useful when we want to increase the dog's safety - then we can attach both carabiners to the collar. 

    Nevertheless, we at the MAKA Dogs team recommend giving dogs freedom and treating short leashes more as an occasional aid and less as the main walking solution;)

  • Can't decide or don't know what the differences are between individual rifles? Use ourscheat sheets

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